Characterful redesign for a life without plastic.

Hofmeister Holzwaren GmbH

The challenge

Hofmeister Holzwaren GmbH has been offering its B2B customers a wide range of household and kitchen goods, gifts, giveaways and toys made of wood since 1978. Considerations around ecological and social responsibility, which are becoming increasingly important in our society as a whole, but also for each individual customer, are something Hofmeister takes from its customers - this had to be communicated in a clearly visible and understandable way.

Three steps to the solution

First, Blackbit redesigned the Hofmeister logo to convey the brand values defined by the customer.

Based on this, Blackbit created a new screen design in the second step: With a technological solution around the xt:Commerce 5 Template Bundle BB Ultima+, Blackbit thus opened up a whole new stage for Hofmeister's passion for products made of wood.

Finally, Blackbit optimized the user experience of the store with the help of additional functions that optimize product search processes and ensure improved visibility on the results pages of relevant search engines.

"I have always felt well looked after from the development of the brand strategy to the implementation in the store. Cost estimates were always met and the implementation has even exceeded my own expectations in some cases. For me, Blackbit is a partner I recommend without hesitation."

Steve Hofmeister,

 Geschäftsführer @ Hofmeister Holzwaren GmbH

The success

Thanks to the extensive enhancements, the relaunch was quickly perceived by customers of the store as a real improvement. This is shown even by a brief look at the development of customer opinions, which are collected in the Hofmeister store itself in order to offer customers an open dialog and the best possible service.

Since the content and technical optimization of the e-shop, these have been rising continuously. Many of the B2C customers are delighted with the ease of ordering, uncomplicated order and payment processing, and mostly surprisingly short delivery times.



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