E-Commerce Marketing

Today, marketing measures are predominantly implemented online. The Internet has therefore become the leading medium for most of our customers.

Let's talk about digital marketing

A lot is written on the web about digital marketing, inbound marketing, online marketing and content marketing, and a distinction is made between marketing and advertising.

Is there a difference between online marketing and digital marketing? Are methods such as social media, content, search engine and email marketing only suitable for e-commerce companies or for all companies? As an e-commerce manager or online retailer, should you work with a digital agency or an agency specializing in electronic commerce?

In fact, all agencies seem to apply identical methods and use the same online channels. Digital marketing can be understood as a generic term when marketing measures take place on electronic devices.

Since there are hardly any devices today that are not connected to the Internet, we believe it makes little sense to distinguish between digital marketing and online marketing. Marketing is always about presenting a company or brand in a positive light and creating a desire among potential customers to purchase products or use services. It makes no difference whether the measures take place online or offline.

What is e-commerce marketing?

For us, e-commerce marketing means that the result of our measures is a purchase that is made on the Internet or on a digital device. This is what distinguishes e-commerce marketing from digital and online marketing in general: Our goal is to influence the customer journey in such a way that it ends in a measurable purchase. In the best case, we want to inspire the customer in such a way that they become an advocate for your brand and accompany them through the entire customer journey, from the awareness stage to the advocacy stage.

Marketing in e-commerce is highly effective when it is carried out in a continuous cycle of action, measurement, analysis and optimization and follows an overarching strategy. It includes all the techniques of online marketing:


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • Marketing für soziale Medien
  • Newsletter and email marketing
  • Affiliate-Marketing

A lot of data is generated during the implementation of online marketing measures. Therefore, know-how about data analytics and web analysis tools is an essential part of online marketing. Even if today artificial intelligence helps in the evaluation of large amounts of data - the knowledge of the interrelationships in online commerce and the wishes of the customers are the prerequisites for drawing the right conclusions from this data.

Marketing in e-commerce consists of on-site and off-site measures. On-site means everything that serves to optimize the store or the company's own platform. On-site measures are usually aimed at optimizing the user experience. Off-site measures take place outside the store, e.g. on search engines such as Google. They are intended to draw attention to the store and its offering and direct visitors to the company's own platform.



Roadmap for digital commerce performance

Due to the interaction of on-site and off-site measures, as well as the large number of methods, platforms and opportunities offered by online marketing, there is quickly a danger of losing track of the big picture. Without an e-commerce strategy, success in trading on the Internet is usually down to chance. But even with a strategy and clear target definitions, a practical guideline for efficient implementation of the measures supports our team of specialists in their daily work.

The Digital Commerce Performance Roadmap is one such guideline for the concrete implementation of online marketing measures in e-commerce. The roadmap is divided into three topics, each with three focal points. The topics and focus areas build on each other so that the associated measures develop their full force. The measures complement key metrics that we use to check whether our measures are having the desired success. We work on each theme for a specific duration, but no less than three months. If we were to change the topics more quickly, the focus would be lost and the success of the marketing measures would be jeopardized.

How we help you achieve more success in e-commerce

Many service providers specialize in the setup and programming of an online store. Others focus on online marketing. An overarching marketing plan that is more comprehensive than increasing sales is often only rudimentary. Without the loose ends of strategy, platform and e-business development being tied together, successful e-commerce development is not possible. The conception and development of the online store, as well as subsequent marketing, must follow a strategy that has the task of naming specific goals and describing the path to achieving them.

If you are not satisfied with the development of your sales in online business, contact us. We will develop a strategy together with you or review an existing one.

We analyze your online store, make suggestions for improvement or propose a relaunch and, if necessary, implement it on leading e-commerce platforms. Our agile, interdisciplinary teams of developers and marketers ensure that on-site and off-site measures are implemented hand in hand.

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