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Speed, reliability and security at a high level - plus easy expandability and fast change management: With the new Kubernetes Cluster, Blackbit sets the benchmark in the field of e-commerce hosting.

Web hosting for your store

If your online store already contributes significantly to your business success or you want to expand your Internet business, you need a partner who is an expert in e-commerce and knows exactly all the technical requirements.

You are not only looking for someone who will carry out the regular program updates for you, but a contact person who understands your requirements in e-commerce hosting and translates them into concrete measures? With Blackbit, you have an experienced digital commerce agency at your side that masters the disciplines of advertising, marketing and web design as well as the technology to do so.

The continuous development of online stores places special demands on hosting. Today, the market and customers demand much faster development and shorter implementation times, both for comprehensive new solutions and for small changes. Operations and development must run simultaneously and interlock in a meaningful way. The previously opposing principles of agility and stability must be productively combined.

DevOps synchronizes development and operation

The term DevOps stands for the combination of two areas: "Dev" for development = application development and "Ops" for operational IT operations are intertwined so that both areas can work simultaneously. Internet start-ups and native cloud companies are using DevOps to update their applications faster and deliver them error-free. For example, as early as May 2011, the online mail order company and cloud provider Amazon was triggering a software update every 11.6 seconds and delivering it to an average of 10,000 servers simultaneously (see "DevOps in the digital agency").

Amazon Web Services via DevOps

"DevOps is a combination of mindsets, practices and tools that enable organizations to deliver applications and services faster and easier. It enables them to evolve and improve products in less time than companies that rely on traditional processes for software development and infrastructure management. This speed advantage allows companies to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the marketplace." (AWS)

Blackbit is an Amazon Reseller and a member of the AWS Partner Network. As your hosting partner, we make the techniques and principles of DevOps available for your webshop hosting as well - regardless of which e-commerce system the store is running on.

Container-based managed hosting via Kubernetes cluster

We're revolutionizing our hosting based on the open source Kubernetes platform to optimize e-commerce hosting for your website.

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support and tools are widely available today (https://kubernetes.io/). Google made the Kubernetes project open source in 2014. Kubernetes builds on a decade and a half of Google experience, combined with the most useful ideas and best practices from the community.

Top performance in hosting, low effort in store operation

Instead of relying solely on dedicated servers, we build on container-based hosting. This hosting solution minimizes our and your efforts and saves valuable resources.

Containers are run on the basis of Kubernetes Cluster (https://kubernetes.io/). These containers are created by our developers and contain the operating system as well as all software packages necessary to run your e-commerce platform as well as desired add-ons in a stable manner. Our developers work on your local working environments with the same container that runs on the server in the e-commerce hosting. This reduces the target times to set up development environments and there can be no surprises when updating the live server because the development environment and the productive environment differ (e.g. due to different PHP versions).

Our SysOps operate independently running Kubernetes clusters. The resources required for operation, such as hardware, disk space, domains and SSL certificates, are centrally monitored and controlled via Kubernetes. So-called controller units ensure the stable operation of your e-commerce store and all connected applications. If a server fails, Kubernetes starts a new one. If a certificate expires, it is renewed by the controller. Also, all further actions necessary to run a functional web application again after a failure are performed by Kubernetes.

Thanks to this mechanism, we can easily scale performance in hosting for you. For example, for more performance or security against failures, an application is run multiple times. For this purpose, additional servers are started and additional hard disk capacities are provided. In this way, several containers can be operated simultaneously. In this way, the traffic is divided between the individual instances of the application.

Performance: Exclusive know-how and cutting-edge technology for short loading times

Speed is extremely important in e-commerce. According to current statistics, if the loading time of a page exceeds three seconds, 57% of consumers leave the online store. 80% of these visitors will never visit the store again. The Google search engine also takes into account the response time of websites and punishes long loading times with a lower ranking.

Visitor numbers, assortment size, category structure, template programming, PHP version, server equipment and configuration: many factors determine the speed of your online store. If you opt for managed cloud hosting at Blackbit, we first put your store through its paces before we take over the hosting. As a result, you will receive recommendations from us for optimizing your online store. You can implement these recommendations in full or in part. Once this is done, the determined speed values, among other things, serve as the basis for our monitoring.

Reliability: Automatic backups and 24/7 monitoring

Our databases are operated in a cluster, replicated and backed up daily. In the event of a host system failure, an automatic "failover" takes place. To ensure that performance always remains stable, our applications are operated in so-called clustered containers. Thanks to this solution, your store is shielded from other applications and a "noisy neighbor" cannot disturb the operation of your store. The speed and other key measurements of your online store agreed with you are monitored around the clock, seven days a week. If the measured values leave a corridor defined with you, our team automatically becomes active.

Support for your store: reliable assistance around the clock

Whether Shopware, CoreShop, Pimcore or any other store system: Trust in powerful technology developed by Google, which already makes hosting for large online stores less susceptible to disruptions, attacks and technical failures. As a Blackbit customer, you as a store operator benefit from the expertise of our support team of permanently employed specialists in web hosting.

Do you value security, guaranteed response and resolution times? Then we offer you a service level agreement by means of our support contracts. You can find more information about our service and support contracts here. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with an individual offer based on our framework agreements.


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