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Fitstore24 Zanier GmbH

The challenge

The bicycle and fitness retailer Fitstore24 operates a successful specialist sports store in Tyrol and an online store with an extensive range of bicycles, accessories and many other products related to fitness, sports and exercise.

Instead of concrete implementation requests, Fitstore24 approached Blackbit with a S.M.A.R.T.en* target: a certain online turnover should be achieved by 2021. In doing so, Fitstore24's management left the choice of means up to us and was completely open to technologies and platforms.


*SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Time-Bound

The solution

In order to achieve and preferably exceed the set goal, Blackbit optimized the user experience with an appealing new store design, a responsive template, functional extensions and optimized content.

Comprehensive and helpful product information improves the visibility of the online offer in search engines and increases the conversion rate. Especially in online retail, well-prepared product information plays a very important role due to the lack of advice from a salesperson. Therefore, Blackbit implemented a PIM system between merchandise management and online store.

The fast and powerful PIM system, based on the flexible open source framework Pimcore, facilitates the structured maintenance of product information. Commercial data is imported from the merchandise management system into the PIM, where it is enriched with additional sales-promoting information.

Special functions facilitate the mass editing of product properties: Images, videos and PDF can be quickly prepared and conveniently linked to the products. Product attributes in particular, such as various technical data, can be conveniently maintained and improve the user experience in the online store with helpful filters and virtual product advisors.

With its new setup, the Fitstore24 store subsequently even landed in the ranking of the most promising online stores "Trend Shop 2021". In the "Motor, Sports and Outdoor" category, the sporting goods mail order company came out on top. Testbild rated the store's technical quality as "high," and its growth as "excellent.

The success

Perfectly equipped in this way, Fitstore24 was able to meet the overwhelming demand for bikes and sports equipment at the time of Corona. Supported by a Google Ads campaign, the store's sales were also successfully increased. Thus, the set sales target was clearly exceeded in December 2020.



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