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Stefano Viani


26 May 2023 e-Commerce Headless Vue Storefront

User experience is increasingly becoming the differentiating element in e-commerce. The front end - technology and implementation - is becoming increasingly important for a successful customer journey. Today, every shop needs a mobile-optimised, user-friendly user interface to sustainably increase conversions and sales. Blackbit now offers the technology of tomorrow with Vue Storefront.

202305Neue Technologie für zukunftsweisenden E-Commerce: Blackbit ist Vue Storefront Partner!

With the Vue Storefront partnership, we complete our technology portfolio in order to offer our customers forward-looking technologies for headless and composable commerce today and to be one step ahead of the competition.

Vue Storefront: the frontend for performance and conversion

Your shop records conversions in the frontend. This is where your customers stay, research, compare products, place them in their shopping cart and, in the best case, complete the purchase by sending an order.

There is no question about it: the front-end technology of an e-commerce website has a direct impact on the performance of your entire shop. Outdated technologies with long loading times or poor display on mobile devices reduce the performance of your shop and slow down your business.

To offer your customers a first-class shopping experience, you need a fast and mobile-optimised frontend that is decoupled from an outdated, monolithic system. With Vue Storefront, you can rely on an API-centric solution that offers you flexibility and top performance.

Develop customer experiences quickly and framework-independently.

That's why a new Vue Storefront improves the performance of your shop - and brings additional benefits:

  • Headless and API-focused: independent of the backend
    Thanks to the API-focused approach and the modular architecture, you can adapt your system to your individual requirements. The flexible and backend-independent approach makes it possible to connect any service - and replace it with a new one if necessary.

  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
    Vue Storefront offers a modern Progressive Web Application (PWA) that is fast, reliable and responsive. It enables a native application experience with faster conversion and cleaner browsing even on poor internet connections.

  • Optimised caching for faster initial loading
    Vue Storefront has built-in caching tactics to reduce Time to First Byte (TTFB) by using fewer resources for the server to load a page.

  • Open Source
    Full access to open source code opens up unlimited customisation possibilities. In addition, you are not tied to a specific provider and remain the sole owner of your website.

  • One app, many platforms
    A single app gives you a professionally consistent user experience across multiple devices.

  • Usable offline and lightning fast
    An integrated service worker cache offers full offline functionality and lightning fast performance.

Combine Vue Storefront with leading technologies

Thanks to its agnostic system, Vue Storefront allows easy coupling with your backend. Start with Vue Frontend and combine it with the e-commerce platform and integrated headless CMS of your choice.
Benefit from our forward-looking partnerships with BigCommerce as well as the CMS provider Storyblok.

You want to start into the future of e-commerce with Blackbit?

Do you want to switch to a future-proof and API-centric system and overcome the limitations of outdated IT infrastructure? Together with you, we will find the right tech stack for your business.

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