Three simple steps to a successful product presentation

Stefano Viani


15 Jan 2016 Marketing e-Commerce

The way you display products in your online store has a big impact on your customers' shopping experience. It's not just the product photographs themselves that are important to the look. How you fit the photos and product descriptions into the overall look of your website, or the layout of your product presentation, can also greatly influence your customers' shopping behavior.

Mit ansprechendem Layout, guten Fotografien und informativen Beschreibungen zur gelungenen Produktpräsentation - Blackbit

A good style for your website layout that conveys the right feel not only makes a more competent impression. It also makes your products stand out better and helps your brand stand out more from the competition. To make this happen, we'd like to give you three tips on how to make your store look more professional without spending vast sums of money.

1) Use good photos

Set the right priorities: make sure you have good images available. In many cases, professional product photography, such as that offered by Blackbit, will pay off. If you're picking up the camera yourself, consider the following:

  • Make sure the photographs represent your products as accurately and realistically as possible.
  • Provide at least one shot with the clearest representation of the product and add three to four more images with different perspectives, if possible.
  • Unify the size of your product photos to make the product overview and proportions coherent and/or choose a background color that goes well with your template.

2) Write detailed product information.

Photos can immediately draw customers' attention to your products, but you shouldn't underestimate the impact of words either. Therefore, your product descriptions should include at least a general overview with the main product features. But also use other ways to present the benefits of your products: With customer reviews, you create trust and increase the willingness to buy. Further links to thematically related products will also drive traffic to your site.

3) Use colors, fonts and icons

Create a custom, original design for your store and update it regularly. Use the possibilities offered by colors, fonts and images or research templates that match your corporate design and brand message. This way, you can give your store a new look inexpensively, quickly and easily.

Whatever you sell: The product presentation essentially determines the character and success of your store. Inspire your customers with appealing images and descriptions and benefit from the positive feedback.

About the Author

As Executive Director of Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH, Stefano Viani manages all areas of the agency in the offices in Göttingen, Hamburg, Berlin and Kiev. His passion is the development of marketing strategies and their implementation in concrete measures.

In his free time, Stefano is passionate about riding his motorbike or working out in the gym.