Spontaneous interview with Pimcore CEO Dietmar Rietsch

Stefano Viani


19 Oct 2018 Digital Agency Partnerships

At the partner conference "Pimcore Inspire 2018", we not only exchanged ideas with other users and software developers, but also got the chance for an exclusive interview with Pimcore CEO Dietmar Rietsch. Even though this opportunity came up very spontaneously and therefore a bit unprepared, we were able to ask the company, which was recently listed as "Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce 2018"

, some exciting questions.

Learn in our video interview, among other things, the difference between digital commerce and e-commerce and what advantages arise from Pimcore as a framework. In addition, Dietmar Rietsch explains to us which target group is addressed, what the perfect customer for Pimcore looks like and whether competition to Pimcore exists.

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As Executive Director of Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH, Stefano Viani manages all areas of the agency in the offices in Göttingen, Hamburg, Berlin and Kiev. His passion is the development of marketing strategies and their implementation in concrete measures.

In his free time, Stefano is passionate about riding his motorbike or working out in the gym.