Reporting made easy: The Google AdWords report editor

Stefano Viani


19 Jan 2016 Digital Marketing SEA

Out of its infancy, but not quite grown up yet - the AdWords report editor has finally been available since August 2015 following its announcement a good year ago.

Individuelle Reportings dank AdWords Berichtseditor - Blackbit

Not only online retailers, but also AdWords agencies are familiar with the problem: the monthly AdWords reporting, which regularly summarises the success of ad placement on Google, was previously only available as a ready-made report. This was a potpourri of numerous data from various analyses, without the option of selecting individual pieces of information. This was not only unwieldy for the AdWords experts, but above all confusing for customer presentations.

With the AdWords report editor, Google is now providing a remedy. Individual reports can be created as required using drag & drop and visualised as tables, pie charts, line charts or bar charts. Once you have decided on a display format, you can combine dimensions and measured values as required and thus correlate various aspects such as level of detail, orientation and location with performance and conversions, for example. The filter function can also be used to exclude unwanted areas of dimensions or measured values from the display. Last but not least: the selection of data can of course also be set to a desired time period.

However, there are still one or two shortcomings, as not all key figures such as keyword quality factors, cross-device conversions or social metrics are covered. The number of selectable dimensions and key figures per diagram is also still very limited and not all values can be combined with each other. So there is still room for improvement in these areas. Nevertheless, the AdWords report editor is a very good and helpful tool for quick analyses and meaningful, transparent reports for agency customers.

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