New version: Data Director 2.8.0

Stefano Viani


29 Apr 2022 Pimcore Updates

The Data Director is available in version 2.8.0. Our Pimcore developers have again added new features to the import and export solution and fixed some bugs. This is new in version 2.8.0:

Neue Version des Data Directors mit neuen Features für Import- und Exportlösung

  • Restart failed imports and exports
    If processing of raw data is terminated unintentionally (e.g. process terminated by operating system or process started via CLI and user logged out of SSH), the process will be restarted or, if possible, continued at the raw data element where import/export was aborted.

  • Initialization function
    An initialization function can now be implemented in the attribute mapping, which is executed before the raw data processing is started. This can be used, for example, to reset fields of the data port's target class that are refilled by the import. Also, a function template is provided to abort the dataport run if another process of the current dataport is running.

  • Improvements in raw data extraction
    • Support for UTF-8 4-byte characters in raw data
    • Support for ftp://user:password@hostname and sftp://user:password@hostname as import sources
    • New configuration option whether to use inheritance for Pimcore-based data ports
    • New option in data query: try to access a public property if there is an inaccessible method, such as Carbon::timestamp
    • multiSelect:has#option added as a data query selector for multi-select fields
  • Improvements in raw data processing
    • Support for specifying character encoding for CSV exports
    • Bugfix: existing tags are no longer deleted
    • Queue Processing: Exports for the same dataport but from different import sources can now be executed in parallel
    • Bugfix Pimcore 10: Asset creation from remote stream works now
    • Bugfix: Importing properties works now
    • Resolving IDs for dependent/hierarchical child objects of stored objects for queueing automatic Pimcore-based dataports prevents queueing o_path LIKE '/abc/' OR conditions. This allows shorter commands and better performance for raw data extraction of jobs to be executed automatically
    • Bugfix: Creating empty parent objects did not work if a Data Query Selector was returned for the "path" field whose filter value contained only digits.
  • Other improvements
    • The Worst Error tooltip of the History panel no longer shows a stack trace (but only the actual error message) to make the link to the log file more clickable
    • The default cleanup interval is now every 14 days. The previous 30-day interval overlapped with the monthly automatic archiving of the application_logs

New Data Director tutorial on YouTube

In addition to the new version, our Pimcorenaut Jan Walther has produced a new tutorial for the Data Director. Content of the latest video are the challenges around data quality: Learn how to check the quality of your data with the Data Director and how to ensure a high data quality in your Pimcore data objects using automatic processes to permanently reduce maintenance efforts. Click here to go directly to the tutorial.

The Data Director

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