New Google Ranking Factor: With Highspeed on Page 1

Stefano Viani


26 Jan 2021 Marketing SEO

Google rules the web and once again dictates new rules. Similar to Responsive Design, the company is imposing new conditions on page operators who want to land on page 1 with the new ranking factor 'Page Experience' from May 2021.

Good content alone will no longer be enough with the new ranking factor, it must also be available at lightning speed. This will be the new basic condition for top rankings in the search results. If you don't meet the new criteria, no matter how good your content is, without the necessary speed, the reputation of your own site will suffer.

Page Experience: Ein neuer Google Ranking-Faktor wirkt sich auf Ihre Platzierung in der Suchmaschine aus.

After the Core Web Vitals, which evaluate the usability of a page using the parameters loading time (LargestContentfulPaint), interactivity (First Input Delay) and visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift), a new focus has been placed on User Experience, this will be further enhanced from May: The new Google Page Experience ranking factor will effectively make the Californian search engine giant's algorithm even more sensitive to factors that make fast and stable page usage for users with mobile devicesmeanings.But speed isspeed is not everything - from May, it will become a necessary but not sufficient condition for optimal ranking.king.As a member of the BVDW, we recommend that interested readersthe article These are the five most important SEO trends for 2021of the industry association.

This is what 'page experience' means for e-commerce

For operators of websites and stores, this means that many of the strategies that have been successful to date for achieving the best possible search engine rankings are no longer sufficient. Page Speed is still not to be neglected when it comes to visibility on the Google results pages. But not at any price. For high ranking positions, page operators should improve the user experience with comprehensive, structural optimizations to the template and server, in order to be able to offer users a simultaneously fast and stable page structure. But the investments will certainly pay off, as a better customer experience is directly reflected in higher conversion rates - a satisfied customer is a good customer.

Test how Google rates your site

If you want to know how your site is doing, run Google'sLighthouse test offered by Google. The results will tell you how Google currently rates your site. Among other things, they show how long it takes for the first page elements to appear in a user's browser and how much time it takes to be able to use the page. Both are especially important for websites that are optimized for mobile use, as well as for apps. This is because both are usually accessed on the move - rarely with an optimal connection speed - and must not exceed the user's personal time account.

After testingen of your websitedo you see a need for action? Contact usdirectlytoAndré Reß- ourSEO-expertwill gladly discuss with younthe results together andand find a strategy for immediate improvement.

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