Kubernetes cluster: containers in new Blackbit hosting service

Stefano Viani


31 Jan 2022 e-Commerce Digital Agency

We are breaking new ground in hosting and switching our e-commerce hosting service to Kubernetes clusters. In addition to increased speed, greater security and more efficient hosting management, this will above all provide more stability for individual applications.


What is a Kubernetes cluster?

Put simply, a Kubernetes cluster consists of a series of node machines that run independent applications in separate containers. They function as resource "managers" to ensure that everything runs smoothly within the containers. As usual, the technical infrastructure for our hosting is provided by the reliable computing power of Amazon (AWS).

Adapting new technologies, combining strengths in hosting

The switch to the new hosting based on Kubernetes not only makes our service faster, more secure and more stable in use - the combination of these technologies also offers you advantages: Benefit from the strengths of the technologies that we combine:

  • Minimal coordination effort for maximum performance
    Kubernetes controllers execute customised processes securely, reliably and automatically.

  • Continuous monitoring
    Kubernetes permanently monitors the cluster and acts automatically to ensure stability and provide sufficient resources.

  • Flexibility through scaling
    Whether running multiple applications or using additional servers - with Kubernetes there are numerous options for customised scaling, such as more performance or greater reliability.

  • A new level of security
    Security updates can be installed much more easily as the automatically created containers are regularly tested for known vulnerabilities. As soon as a container is secure, it can be used by all applications.

Looking for new solutions in e-commerce hosting?

Are you interested in our new hosting offer or would you like to find out more about technical details, migration options or other details? Please contact us directly. We will help you as quickly as possible.

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