Internet of Things: Is your car already talking to your washing machine?

Stefano Viani


11 Feb 2016 Digital Agency Consulting

The Internet of Things was already on everyone's lips in 2015 - and will probably be with us for years to come. This refers to the trend that it is no longer just people accessing or adding web data on a PC, but that "intelligent" objects are increasingly connected to the internet. This networking enables devices, switches and sensors to communicate independently and perform various tasks for their users.

Internet of Things: Anwendungsbereiche und -ideen - Blackbit

The application areas and ideas for these smart everyday helpers are diverse. Here are a few examples:

  • Fitness gadgets: Fitness wristbands and pedometers that communicate with apps and web services are among the best-known applications. However, there are also body scales and blood pressure monitors linked to the internet that collect and visualise measurement data.
  • Clever cars: Various apps make it possible, for example, to elicit various data about the condition of the car from the on-board computer. Vehicles that park and unpark independently or communicate with home appliances (closing shutters, switching on the washing machine or checking whether the hob is switched off) are also already being built.
  • Networked household: A thermostat that calls up the current weather online or recognises whether someone is at home; lamps that can be controlled remotely via an app; refrigerators that automatically reorder missing food - there are also many exciting potential applications for your own four walls.

What opportunities does this development offer for digital marketing? How well is personal data protected in the Internet of Things? And what trends and innovations can we expect in the near future? - These and other topics relating to the Internet of Things will be part of our series of articles in the coming weeks.

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