How brands stay fit for the future in e-commerce

Stefano Viani


01 Nov 2016 Marketing e-Commerce


How do brands come alive with the help of multichannel touchpoints? Being and remaining fit for the future - that was the focus of eRetail Europe in Amsterdam, which our Managing Director Stefano Viani visited in September. Stephan Mader, who opened this year's eRetail Europe in Amsterdam as a Digital Retail and E-Commerce Consultant at the LEGO Group, addressed the topic and left a lasting impression with his opening keynote.

The advantage of being ahead means always being up to date:

Trade fairs and events such as eWeek Amsterdam, where the entire e-commerce scene meets, primarily serve to exchange knowledge and maintain networks. After all, innovations do not come about without input from outside. Breaking through old patterns of thought with new insights, insights and findings, peppered with trends and developments, revitalises one's own stagnant thoughts. Back in the familiar four walls of your own office, you should retain this breath of fresh air and the touch of innovation for as long as possible in order to be motivated to tackle and drive forward new ideas.

Votrag auf der eRetail Europe

Learn from others and exchange ideas:

Representatives from different business sectors and renowned brands (AXA, Samsung, Lacoste, Heineken) gave insights into their lives and success stories. This allowed all event visitors to benefit from experiences from completely different areas and transfer valuable insights to their own business. Learning from others does not mean being a copy, but being inspired, acquiring knowledge and building something new yourself.


Standing out from the crowd of similar offerings is important in order to attract the interest of the target group and to be remembered with new approaches and innovative strategies. At eRetail Europe, this became particularly clear during the presentation by Luc van Emmerik, Global Head of Communications at Foodora. The start-up knows better than almost anyone how to think outside the box and differentiate itself from the competition with a slightly different concept. Specialisation is the keyword here: in future, trust will be placed in companies that know how to bring expertise to the market and do not try to sell "everything" in a broad way. This is how companies like Foodora manage to stay on everyone's lips and remain competitive.

Best practices? Better to go your own way!

Everyone talks about best practices, everyone wants to go down in history as a pioneering example. However, this is not achieved by following best practices and thus institutionalising the copying of successful models. Brands emerge from differentiation, only when they do something different from the others. Only then do they stand out and become a topic of conversation. It doesn't hurt to learn from case studies and the success stories of other companies. How did they go about it? Where are there parallels? What mistakes do you not have to make yourself first? But every company has to find out for itself how it fulfils the needs of its customers - ideally in an unusual way. Then it has the potential to become a brand.

Conclusion on eRetail Europe:

eRetail is a high-quality event with first-class speakers and presentations. We can say with a clear conscience that the presentations and all the discussions on this day were particularly enriching and that we will now hit the ground running, motivated and with many new ideas. Following the presentations and case studies on advertising, trends and innovative technologies in e-commerce, the speakers and many other industry representatives met at a get-together to discuss, among other things, how cross-border e-commerce can be further advanced.

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