Generate product descriptions with ChatGPT: We show how

Stefano Viani


06 Jul 2023 Pimcore Import, Export PIM Updates

Artificial intelligence accelerates processes, we accelerate your online business: Using the integration of ChatGPT in our Pimcore Data Director as an example, we will show you how to create fully automated product information texts for your shop in a time-saving and efficient way.

Mit der Integration von ChatGPT in unseren Pimcore Data Director erstellen Sie zeitsparend und effizient Produktinformationstexte für Ihren Shop.

ChatGPT meets Pimcore

The AI tool ChatGPT fits perfectly into the data maintenance strategy of any PIM project, as it frees users from having to fill in all the fields when maintaining product data in Pimcore. Our experienced Pimconaut Jan Walther has done the necessary integration of ChatGPT into our powerful import and export bundle for Pimcore. The module speeds up your daily data maintenance processes - and works both ways. With ChatGPT's integration into the Data Director, you can import and export both

  • create texts (e.g. product descriptions or marketing texts) based on technical data or other information as well as
  • extract technical data (such as colour, material, etc.) from existing descriptive texts fully automatically.

ChatGPT for the Pimcore Data Director: User-oriented YouTube tutorial

In our detailed screencast on the Blackbit YouTube channel, we show you click-by-click how to use the integration of ChatGPT in the Pimcore Data Director for everyday data maintenance processes. In the application-oriented tutorial, you will learn how to generate product information texts based on data and vice versa.
You can also find more helpful tips on how to use the Pimcore Data Director to increase efficiency in our detailed tutorials in the Blackbit Academy.

You don't know the Data Director yet?

Curious about our Pimcore Import and Export Bundle? Then find out more about the import and export bundle for Pimcore in our shop.
We will be happy to show you in an individual demo which possibilities the Data Director offers you. Contact us now!

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