Data Director Tutorial: Grid Exports and Virtual Fields

Stefano Viani


24 Sep 2021 Pimcore Tutorials

In our fifth Data Director tutorial, Jan Walther shows the benefits of using grid exports in combination with our powerful import and export bundle. This is a seamless continuation of the previous tutorial on setting up exports with Data Director in general.

Neues Tutorial zum Data Director: Lernen Sie alles über Grid Exports und Virtual Fields

Pimcore documentation in picture and sound

Because we want to enable independent and effective workflows for everyone working with the Data Director, Blackbit produces comprehensive Data Director documentation in image and sound. Our Blackbit Pimcore Vlog shows in several episodes the numerous application possibilities of the Data Director and provides useful tips as well as easy to follow instructions.

Data Director Tutorial Grid Exports & Virtual Fields

This tutorial is about virtual fields in Pimcore exports and how they can be filled with data from Pimcore elements or even calculations via attribute mapping.
These are the advantages of Data Director compared to Pimcore's built-in grid export feature:

  • You can use more export formats and customize the structure of the export document to your needs.
  • You can set your own predefined filters (even without knowledge of SQL).
  • It is easier to export complex field types.
  • Export performance is much faster because previously cached export data is used instead of getting the data from the database only when the export is requested.

Curious about the details? Then check out the full tutorial on the Blackbit YouTube channel.

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