Cross-media campaign: putting windows in the right light

Stefano Viani


30 Sep 2020 Digital Marketing SEA

Putting windows in the right light - analogue and digital. Strikingly unusual, perhaps even a little provocative. A campaign that sticks in the mind, even when there is no time to linger. Peace, security and thermal insulation. In the middle of the station hustle and bustle. But not just big and bold, but also on a small scale, on the screen. The wish: a complete cross-media package. Effective. Regardless of the format.

Eingängige Texte und eine progressive Bildsprache transportieren unsere Botschaft: „Moderne Fenster können mehr"

The challenge: Designing complex topics to attract attention

The project was initiated by the Window + Façade Association (VFF). The campaign aims to strengthen the association's member companies - local window specialists throughout Germany. The aim is to create incentives for energy-efficient window refurbishment. Climate-friendly and with significant tax benefits thanks to state subsidies.

Not visible at first glance, but also important for the realisation of the campaign: factors such as sound insulation, living comfort and security. Our goal: a concept that grows with you. As adaptable as possible. In the long term. The VFF wants to make its presence felt and be remembered. But how do we realise this complex topic in an eye-catching way?

Our solution: poster campaign meets Google Display Ads

"Modern windows can do more" - with this claim in mind, we are pooling our resources. We let ourselves be driven by ideas and move off the beaten track. We opted for concentrated media power from two different directions. Poster campaign meets Google Display Ads. A combination to suit our taste.

The analogue way: outdoor advertising. Loud and bold. With the help of billboards in railway stations, we put windows in the right light. We accept a little scatter loss, because we want to generate attention.

Außenwerbung rückt Fenster an Bahnhöfen ins richtige Licht. Großflächige Plakatwände rücken Fenster an Bahnhöfen ins richtige Licht.

On the second route, the digital counterpart: Google Display Ads, classic and dynamic. Cleverly played out, the adverts ensure that potential customers land directly on the VFF website.

Google Display Ads leiten Nutzer direkt auf die Landing Page des VFF.

The key element: visual storytelling

But that's not all. Complex topics require a progressive visual language. The magic word: visual storytelling. Unconventional, but to the point. A motif that makes you slow down or stop scrolling for a moment. Torn out of the daily grind. Pause for a moment. "Enjoy peace and quiet, no matter what's going on outside." Extraordinary images tell our story. Is this what "home" feels like?

The result: Google Ads generate more than 90% of all page views

The result is clear: with a budget investment of only 1/10 of the print budget, Google Display Ads generate more than 90% of all page views within four weeks. In addition to 13,500,000 impressions, over 40,000 clicks to the website were recorded in the relevant target group. The adverts are placed on, and, among others.

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