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Paul Vetter

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18 Jan 2024 Digital Marketing

The shortage of skilled labour is currently one of the biggest challenges for companies in all sectors in Germany. The competitiveness and future viability of many companies is already jeopardised today. In our new case study, we present specific strategies for taking action and successfully tackling the skills shortage.

Entdecken Sie neue Strategien gegen akuten Fachkräftemangel in unserer Case Study - jetzt herunterladen!

Skills shortage as a critical factor for corporate success

The shortage of skilled labour varies in severity depending on the industry and company size, but the challenges are the same for everyone:

  • Difficulties in filling vacancies leads to loss of productivity and quality.
  • Increased work pressure for existing staff, who often have to work overtime to fill vacancies. This can lead to overwork and staff turnover in the medium to long term.
  • Rising costs: On the labour market, companies have to offer higher salaries and additional benefits in order to become more attractive to qualified workers.
  • Loss of orders: Companies may have to turn down orders because they do not have sufficient capacity. Revenue is lost and the opportunity to build long-term customer loyalty is lost.
  • Reduced ability to innovate: Companies are often unable to develop new products and services to the desired quality because they do not have enough qualified staff. This has a negative impact on competitiveness in the long term.

The shortage of skilled labour is a complex problem that affects business operations on several levels - and is unfortunately not easy to solve. Companies must take a number of decisive measures to overcome the challenges of the skills shortage.

Successfully tackling the skills shortage now

Creating attractive working conditions and promoting young talent at an early stage with internships, practice-oriented study programmes and convincing training opportunities are measures that can effectively counteract staff shortages in the long term. But what can help in the short term?

A strong employer brand and effective communication form the basis for being perceived as an attractive employer by qualified employees. Read our new case study to find out how we have effectively helped regional and national companies to attract more applications with creative approaches in target group-orientated employer branding and cross-channel recruiting. Regardless of the industry and size of the company and for every career level - from trainees to experienced specialists.

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