Between theory and practice: Hello, Martin!

Stefano Viani


13 Sep 2023 Team Digital Agency

Whether at university, at the agency or on the tennis court: Martin gives his all and has fun doing what he does. No wonder he has grown so well into his role at Blackbit. In the interview, he introduces himself.

Werkstudent im Marketing: Im Interview erzählt er über sich.Hi Martin! It's nice that you have the time to answer our questions between university and the agency. You've been with us since the beginning of November last year. How well have you arrived in the meantime?
Thank you, I have arrived very well and am regularly pleased to work with so many different and interesting people. I really have the feeling that I've ended up in a great team!

Thank you, that makes us very happy! What tasks do you take on at Blackbit?
I support the team with all kinds of activities that arise in self-marketing. This ranges from research for newsletters, writing blogposts and post-production of videos to supporting the development of our knowledge platform for customers and team members, the
Blackbit Academy.

What applications do you work with?
Premiere Pro - it offers a wide range of possibilities for editing videos and I had a lot of fun learning how to use it.

How did you find Blackbit?
I searched the internet for digital agencies in Göttingen to apply as a working student. That's how I came across Blackbit. I really liked the company presentation and just gave it a try. 😊

What experience did you have before Blackbit?
Previously, I worked for a small start-up in the FMCG sector, where I was responsible for after-sales activities as well as performance marketing. In my three years at the start-up, I worked with the team to turn an unknown brand into a brand that is now quite well-known.

I'm also currently studying for a Master's degree in Marketing and E-Business at the University of Göttingen.

What sets you apart?
I always question the status quo and like to develop creative new solutions for the challenges I encounter.

Do you see your job more as science or art?
I make art 😉 .

What's on your desk?
There is nothing there. My desk is always empty and I also make it a point to keep it tidy at all times.

When you're not at your desk, what do you do?
Playing tennis, visiting friends in other cities or preparing new recipes with my girlfriend.

What would be the title of your biography?
Ace-ing Life: My Journey on and off the Court 😊

Game, set and match - then we wish you continued fun and success on the tennis court and of course at Blackbit!

About the Author

As Executive Director of Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH, Stefano Viani manages all areas of the agency in the offices in Göttingen, Hamburg, Berlin and Kiev. His passion is the development of marketing strategies and their implementation in concrete measures.

In his free time, Stefano is passionate about riding his motorbike or working out in the gym.