ASS furnishing systems: Visionary cooperation with a holistic approach

Stefano Viani


10 May 2022 Digital Marketing Pimcore CMS PIM

ASS-Einrichtungssysteme develops high-quality school furniture, technology products and holistically conceived learning space concepts. Blackbit has created the right presentation platform for the visions of the full-service provider and has put a spotlight on ASS's broad product range with a 3D preview generator.

Blackbits neue Case Study: Die visionäre Zusammenarbeit mit ASS-Einrichtungssysteme

Growth opportunities thanks to perfect data management

The collaboration with ASS began with a joint workshop to develop an ideal data model. The large volume of data was migrated from an outdated PIM system and various other sources. At the end of the process, the data was automatically and manually validated and additional information was added.This centralised storage now provides the basis for a secure and intuitive application that requires little maintenance.

Holistic solution approach based on Pimcore

The solution approach implemented by Blackbit builds on the product information stored in Pimcore and includes both the update of print data and a new advertising presence for ASS-Einrichtungssysteme as well as the effective communication of the company's vision to the public. All parties involved expect the optimisation of processes to lead to an increase in sales and a sustainable reduction in operating costs.

The user-friendly information structure with a clear interface supports easy handling of all editorial work on the site. Modular templates provide additional creative freedom with minimal labour input. The large product range of ASS-Einrichtungssysteme is managed and updated via CMS, which accesses the information stored in the PIM.

Relaunch of the website

The furnishing specialist's website now features strong visualisations that clearly highlight its special product quality and depict specific product features in detail. This clearly sets ASS apart from the market environment.

In order to adequately present the products and the large selection of fabrics, colours and frames, Blackbit has provided ASS's homepage with a new centrepiece: an optimised 3D configurator that rounds off the customer's shopping experience with fluid performance without compromising the overall performance of the site.

Elaborately designed impression pages convey the vision of ASS furnishing systems in a visually powerful way. Clear selection options for individual pieces of furniture as well as a user-friendly and SEO-optimised menu support the shopping experience.

The website was first relaunched in German, British and American versions. Once the entire web project has been completed, the ASS-Einrichtungssysteme range will be available to its global customer base in a total of 15 languages.

New ideas for your company

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